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Thanks for checking out my site. I hope you enjoy the photos!

**** Please note new email address: effective 06/15/2017

Digital file offer for 2017-18 school year - $50 per player per sport for a DVD of your choice of photos (approx 450 pics fit on a DVD) Direct orders only; Not available through the website. Email me for instructions. Single games - call for pricing.

- Jim Hess

Recent additions: (Check 2017-18 school year folder if the event folder you want to see is no longer shown under "Recently Added")
+ Varsity Football vs Dallastown 09/01 (1,620 pics) [Finalized 09/08]
+ Girls Soccer at Conestoga Valley 09/07 (960 pics) [Loaded 09/10]
+ Boys Soccer vs Lower Dauphin 09/09 (730 pics) [Finalized 09/12]
+ Var Field Hockey vs CV 09/13 (1,475 pics) [Updated 09/17]
+ JV Football at Central York 09/18 (1,570 pics) [Finalized 09/22]
+ Var Field Hockey vs Penn Manor 09/15 (1,000 pics) [Loaded 09/24]

Photos on the way:
- Girls Soccer vs Penn Manor 09/07
- Varsity Football at Exeter 09/08
- Boys Soccer vs Dallastown 09/09
- Girls Soccer vs Dallastown 09/09
- Hempfield vs Mountville Midget Football A Team 09/10
- Hempfield vs Mountville Midget Football B Team 09/10
- Var Girls Soccer vs McCaskey 09/11
- 9th Football vs Manheim Twp 09/13
- JV Field Hockey vs CV 09/13
- Var Boys Soccer vs Warwick 09/15
- Varsity Football at Central York 09/15
- Var Boys Soccer vs Twp 09/18

- Glacier / Waterton / Banff / Jasper / Yoho National Parks 06/13-22)

Photo shoots tentatively scheduled (subject to weather):
^ Boys Var Soccer at Conestoga Valley 09/26
^ Girls Soccer vs Conestoga Valley 09/26
^ Freshman Football at Warwick 09/27
^ Field Hockey *Senior Night* vs Cedar Crest 09/27
^ Boys Soccer vs Penn Manor 09/28
^ Varsity Football at Penn Manor 09/29

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09-01 Var Girls Soccer vs Exeter09-01 Band at Var Football vs Dallastown

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09-15 Var Field Hockey vs Penn Manor09/18 JV Football at Central York09-13 Var Field Hockey vs CV (OT)Soccer Posters - Girls09-09b Var Boys Soccer vs Lower Dauphin (1st half)09-05 Var Girls Soccer at Conestoga Valley (rain shortened)09-01 Var Football vs Dallastown 38-1409-01 Crowd at Var Football vs Dallastown

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