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2003-11-23 Harrisburg Parade2003-11-11 Championship Party2003-11-11 Band Championship at Hershey2003-11-01 Where's the Band?2003-11-01 Red Lion Competition2003-10-31 Band at Twp Football2003-10-19 Costume Party2003-10-18 Band at Reading Football2003-10-11 New Oxford2003-10-08 Manheim Parade2003-10-04 Owen J Roberts2003-10-03 Band at Wilson Football2003-09-30 Band Practice2003-09-23 Painting the Sets2003-09-20 East Pete Parade2003-09-13 Opening Knight2003-09-12 Band at Central Football2003-09-05 Band at Red Lion Football2003-08-21 Program Committee2003-08-18 Sewing Committee2003-08-18 Band Picture Night2003-08-06 Band Practice2003-08 Camp2003-06 Band Picnic